Sue Cross

Sue Cross


Welcome to the website where you can find information about Sue Cross’s writing.  Also on this site, Sue will keep you updated on the ups and downs of a writer, as well as keeping you posted on her latest work. 

Sue Cross was born in Cheshire, England and has lived in Hong Kong, Mauritius, Australia and Spain.  Widely travelled, she has visited more than fifty countries.  Apart from writing, she enjoys painting and reading.

After running the skin care company, Susan Molyneux, for over twenty years she retired and decided to write, using her experiences abroad to paint vivid pictures of life in the colonies in the changing times of the 60’s and 70’s.

She is married, has a grown up family, lives in the Cotswolds and is a frequent visitor to southern Spain.

In addition to the recently published Tea at Sam's, Sue has written a series of short stories, a memoir and a couple of childrens' books which, as yet, she has not tried to publish.  She has recently finished working on the sequel to Tea at Sam's as she felt that the characters have more to tell us in the next stage of their lives. Making Scents is available as a paperback and e-book. She has drawn on her experiences in the beauty industry to write this book.


“Sue, you write vividly, clearly and well.”  Fay Weldon

“Sue’s prose is clear and engaging – she clearly has a gift for writing.”  Dr Nigel Scotland

“Beautifully written.”  Bishop David Pytches

"This writing should appeal to a wide audience." Jackie Pullinger

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