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An Ode to Calm

Write a piece on anxiety, teacher said.

Is this for real or just in my head?

Thoughts of anxiety have made me feel ill

My stomach is churning so I take a red pill.

I pick up a paper in order to flick

The news is appalling; it makes me feel sick.

There's earthquakes and plague, famine and war

And that's not to mention the plight of the poor.

By now my head has started to ache

I reach for the aspirin; it's two that I take.

I lie on my bed and do some deep breathing

My heart is a-pounding as I stare at the ceiling.

I glance in the mirror; my face is a fright

I look very ill; my complexion is white.

With palms that are sweaty, I reach for the phone

I decide it's not good to die all alone.

When the ambulance comes, Lord I'm a wreck

I hope they don't think I'm a pain in the neck.

They tell me I'm well - it's all in my head

I start to feel better and get up from the bed.

I look at the birds flying free in the sky

They are not anxious that one day they'll die.

I consider the grass, the flowers and the trees

They are not anxious as they nod in the breeze.

Life's too short to be fed up and worried

So enjoy the ride, be calm and unhurried.

Deciding that worry's a complete waste of time

I pick up my pen to compose this short rhyme!

You can read this ode, together with a collection of poems and short stories in Petals in the Sand - an ebook available on Amazon.

Date: 25/05/2018