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Fact or Fiction?

People constantly ask me, "Are you Celine, Kristin or Samantha?" or "What actually happened to you in Tea at Sam's?"

The simple answer is, "I am all three girls and everything happened to me but I am lying. This is not the truth at all."

What I believe to be authentic in the novel are the descriptions of Hong Kong, Mauritius and Australia in the late 60s and early 70s as these are the three countries where I lived in those far off days.

I have always found it difficult not to exaggerate and what is fact and what is fiction have blurred and become one picture; like watercolours running across paper. Who knows what will emerge as the paint travels, merging, creating and eventually becoming an impression? The paint sometimes appears to have a mind of its own when mixed with water and so words can't help but find expression when mixed with inspiration. That inspiration is sometimes based on reality or just a wandering of the imagination.

As I write, I become lost in the story. My pain, disappointment and trials as well as the joys, hope and love have become the paint that I use to produce a picture. I am compelled to write, not always knowing where the story will take me but I am a willing passenger, enjoying the ride and looking forward to the destination so that I can start another journey all over again. And that is the truth.

Date: 19/12/2015