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Now is the time!

Having messed around trying to overcome my technophobia now is the time to actually get back to writing again.

I am working on a sequel to Tea at Sam's. This was a difficult decision, as it was tempting to start on a fresh new road but I have become attached to the characters in the book and feel that they have more to tell us. Celine is the main protagonist in Tea at Sam's but I have made Kristin the prominent character in the new novel. While Tea at Sam's takes us to the colonies in the late 60's, the new book (I'm going to title it That Sweet Smell of Success?) is based in the Cotswolds and Spain. Why such a title I hear you ask? Because Kristin has decided that she would like to make a perfume. However, this could change as plots often do on the second draft.

The book ended up being titled, Making Scents. You can find it as a paperback or ebook on Amazon.

Date: 30/11/2015