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Traditional or not?

Are you like me and love the feel and smell of a book or do you prefer to go the new route and read from a Kindle or tablet? When I first wrote this blog, it was early days for me and I had just bought a Kindle. Several years down the line, and I have to say that my vote now sways on the side of traditional books. I treasure my books and love to see them piled up on my bedside table, lining the shelves in my sitting room and stacked up in my study. They feel like old friends that I must revisit from time to time.

The only exception to this is when I travel. Books are heavy! My Kindle is a travel companion that I wouldn't be without. I also take it to the dentist and doctors, where a wait is no longer a hardship.

Some books can only be enjoyed as a good, old hardback. Illustrated and antique books are treasures which can never be reproduced electronically - at least not yet.

Libraries are still places of succour and learning. Long may they live!

The Beauty of Books

Date: 30/11/2015