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What's in a Name?

At last I've finished the first edit of my new novel which is a sequel to Tea at Sam's. Thank God, it made sense!

Timeline - check.

Plot - check.

Theme - check.

Title - er....

About four months ago I was convinced that I had it cracked. Yes, the book would be titled, That Sweet Smell of Success. Why? Because Kristin, the main character, creates a perfume. However, as the days and weeks passed I pondered this phrase. Did it sound arrogant? It was certainly not meant to and Kristin has many challenges and obstacles on her fragrant journey. Then, last night, over dinner my husband had a flash of genius.

"Why not call it Kiss and Make Up?"

My heart skipped, the adrenaline rushed - you know, the usual feelings one gets when something magical happens. This title was so apt.

Before I had time to finish pudding, I'd hurried to my computer to Google the title on Amazon's website.

My heart sank, the adrenaline stopped - you know, the usual feelings one gets when something disappointing happens. I discovered that two other writers had already adopted this title. One had used it in a book about the scary 70's rock group, Kiss, the other in a steamy romance.

So now I'm back to square one without a title.

In the end a friend phoned me and said with great excitement, "I think I've come up with a good title for your new novel. How about Making Scents?"

I knew it made sense! Thank heavens for good friends.

Date: 28/01/2016