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Hannah's Birthdays

Hannah Wilson had become stuck. She felt that the monotonous routine of her life had changed her into a boring, beige person who had lost herself. When celebrating her birthday at a lakeside beauty spot, she went for a lonely walk - and kept on walking, leaving behind Malcolm, her husband, three teenage children and a sister who loathed her. Hannah was adopted and her sister was always spiteful and jealous of her. On her walk and bus ride Hannah found herself in Burford, where she put down roots and began to reinvent herself into the person that she longed to become. After discovering that her husband was leading a double life, she divorced him and tried to move on. Her life became full as she found friendship, started a business, and met an attractive doctor called Andy, whom she believed she had fallen in love with. A tragic accident left Andy with amnesia, and he had forgotten that he once loved her. After a series of coincidences Hannah found her birth mother, an event that would change her life forever. But Hannah's children longed for her to be reconciled with Malcolm, and, after picking up the pieces of her life, she had an important decision to make. Would she be able to forgive and remarry Malcolm?