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Tea at Sam's

This is a morally complex and absorbing story about the fragility of relationships. A moving and compassionate book, you will be drawn into the close circle of friends that form Tea at Sam's. Below is a brief synopsis.

All that Celine, a girl without guile, wants is a happy family life but she soon awakens from her dream of marital bliss when she discovers that James, her selfish, egotistical husband, has a dark secret.

Her life takes a new turn when she returns to England from Hong Kong, broken hearted and joins an art class. This leads her on a fresh discovery, not only of her true self, but also of friendships that can never be broken.

When Nick, an old flame, returns to her life she is compelled to make some life changing decisions.



The author's writing style is crystal clear, with clever use of illustrative vocabulary, with an underlying hint of humour in places. The depiction of the era; late sixties, is very true to the time and the reader couldn't help but find himself/herself reliving this period. The fashions and type-cast female and male roles, again typical of the time. In particular, the male personalities and expectations. Completely contrasting to how things are now.

The linking of the three female characters is artistically constructed and makes it easy for the reader to move back and forth. Not always the case with novels of varying stories. I particularly liked the foreign assignment aspects and could effortlessly relate to similar experiences.

I could continue with many more positives, but suffice to say, I strongly recommend as a light-hearted, feel-good novel, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Too many novels today are dour and depressing and I personally, prefer to be entertained.

Now for Sue's next novel - looking forward to reading it.

Good read

The book follows the lives of three young women before they meet and the growing relationship between them after they become friends. I particularly liked the conversation between the three friends and the way the characters were brought together. And what a fabulous ending - just loved the description of Spain which captured something magical.

The value of friendship

"A friend is a present you give yourself." Robert Louis Stevenson. Tea at Sam's explores the ever growing relationship between three women. The women come together to share their interests, likes, relationships, love and pain. As the trust grows the women find their female equivalent soul mates. The book is full of little nuggets of humour and in this ever changing world thank God for a happy ending.

An enjoyable, easy read

I enjoyed being drawn into each of the three women's lives, how they became connected and how their friendship grew.

If you don't buy it for yourself put it on your Christmas list and sit back and enjoy....

Excellent reading

This is impressive. I enjoyed reading it, couldn't put it aside. I am looking forward to the next book by Sue Cross. Well done!

Very readable

I found this book very readable. The ex-pat community is a fascinating place to be. Sue has given us an insight into this way of life, although it does not always turn out like people want it to. I loved the relationships between the 3 women. I am glad it had a happy ending. I hope that we will get more of Sue's books to read.

An engrossing read

Well written in an easy relaxed style. The developing friendships of the women were very cleverly constructed. Looking forward to Sue Cross' next book.

Good Holiday Read

I really enjoyed Tea at Sam's. Having visited most of the locations, I was very impressed by Sue's descriptive powers which brought the book to life for me. Looking forward to her next book.