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Making Scents - the sequel to Tea at Sam's

Sue Cross was thrilled when she started to get feedback from readers of Tea at Sam's. Almost everyone said that they did not want the book to end and asked for a sequel. This was all the motivation that she needed to take pen to paper, and so, Making Scents evolved.

The same three popular characters Kristin, Celine and Sam feature, although Kristin, the beauty therapist, is the main protagonist. We are also introduced to some new, colourful characters. Having worked for many years in the beauty industry, Sue drew on her experience to write a rollercoaster tale of this perceived glamorous world. Here is a short synopsis.

Making Scents

Kristin Jones has a vision to formulate her own skin care range and perfume but struggles with the demands of family life and running a successful beauty salon. It is the 1970's when women's roles are changing fast and Kristin is eager to take advantage of the promises that the era offers. Just before realising her dream, she meets Tash, a young drug addict, and helps her to get her life in order.

Suffering burn out, Kristin visits her two best friends, Celine and Sam in southern Spain to try to get her own life in order. They manage to enjoy their famous Tea at Sam's meetings, something that started when they first met at art college.

Eventually, Kristin makes a perfume with a difference as, with each application, her customers experience a feeling of euphoria. Should she listen to her sensible husband and be content with a cottage industry or should she go global?

Tash, now clean of drugs, also takes a trip to Andalucía and falls in love with a handsome, young Spaniard. Little does she know that he too has a secret past life.


Couldn't put it down

I came across the author on twitter and found out she founded one of my favourite brands - Susan Molyneux - so was fascinated to hear about her book which described the start up intertwined into a fictional story. I read the first chapter and then on the next opening I finished the book in a morning! A beautiful story and really interesting insight into the cosmetic industry.

Can't wait for the Sequel

Sue built a foundation for her characters in her first book 'Tea at Sams' Making scents was easy to read, fast paced and interesting, found myself wanting to go back to reading the latest development in the story, after natural breaks such as household chores eating and sleeping.

It was good to know the story would have a happy ending despite some characters and events taken from real life situations, such as drug addiction,crime and prostitution.It's easy to believe in this day and age that these issues always end unhappilly but actually many people caught up in the snares of drugs crime and prostitution do have happy ever after endings to their storys.

Heartwarming Story

This is a heartwarming story about the struggles facing a modern woman who is the product of the 70's in Britain. Kristin is a natural entrepreneur but also a loyal wife and mother who is challenged by the demands of her home life and business ventures. The author's descriptions of the beauty industry and scents are insightful and interesting. I loved the descriptions of Spain where the book is also set. A fast paced and often amusing story that made me want to keep reading. As a sequel to Tea at Sam's, I was not disappointed and it was good to read about the same characters again.

Strong story

I have just finished reading `Making Scents' and really enjoyed it, a great sequel to `Tea at Sams'. There is a very strong story line and it tackles some difficult issues very thoughtfully. The switch between England and Spain keeps the suspense going, it was a real page turner and kept you wanting to know what happened next. Sue has drawn on her own experiences and it is fascinating to follow the story of how a business is built up. Highly recommended.

And from the States -

A thoroughly well-written, feel good book! The sequel to "Tea at Sam's" continues the story of three women whose lives have now taken different paths; but the close friendship and importance of their relationship previously forged in the first book is the golden thread that now weaves their continuing story together. The process necessary to launch Kristen's dream to have a skin care business is fascinating. The significance of not just what you know but who you know, along with the courage to trust others and to be willing to take risks, is convincing. In addition, to be willing to risk all again for the making and marketing of scents and cosmetics speaks of the author's own determination, triumph and expertise in starting her own business. "Making Scents" again shows that close friendships and relationships are important in this life, and that they require time and commitment to flourish - regardless of change in location or circumstances. That faithful commitment to each other not only influences their own families, but other friends, and even their communities. Add the spice of language barriers, romance and realistic family-life struggles, and you have a great story!